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I Love You, Bitch

What we have here is a musical genius. Watch as this guy serenades his lover with the sweet sounds of the acoustic guitar.


Country Boy, I Love You

Remember Vine? This is one iconic vine moment that came out of the app. Check out the compilation memes below.


Kid Roasts PewDiePie

YouTuber PewDiePie is a very well known YouTuber, with over 62 Million subscribers. I guess when you’re that big you can’t stop the hate from even your youngest fans.

Check out this kid unleash a profane rant against PewDiePie. Where the hell are this kid’s parents?


Fat Guy Light Saber Fight

What a better way to spend a summer day battling your friend, half naked, in the front lawn, with your light sabers. Check out these two Star Wars fanatics.

If you don’t watch the full video, fast forward to the end, which is arguably the best part.


Get Ready For Summer: Belly Flop Edition

The belly flop is best known for its comical and entertaining value. Perhaps the worse part about the belly flop, is when it is unintended. However, we think those are the best flops. Here is the best collection of belly flops we found, to get you ready for summer.

1. The Bridge Jump

2. The High Dive Backflip

3. The High Dive Front Flip

4. The Kiddie Pool

5. The Cliff Jump

6. The BIG Cliff Jump

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