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Welcome to this week’s episode of Ethan’s Corner, by YouTubers H3H3Productions, where Ethan discusses the what he thinks the Zuckerberg has really been up to. And, you won’t believe what he uncovers. Buckle up for the ride.

H3H3Productions has been around for a while now. The channel consists of Ethan and his wife Hila. H3H3 became popular for satirizing internet culture, but also because the content they produce is bizarre and funny.

H3H3 also produces a podcast, H3Podcast. The podcast usually features a guest of the week. Recent guests have included Deadmau5, Post Malone, Steve-O, Martin Shkreli, and a myriad of other big YouTube personalities.

You can catch up on the H3 Podcast here.
Check out their main YouTube Channel, H3H3Productions.

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