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WTF Of The Day

This one had us scratching our heads at first. Then we realized this was a freaking monkey dressed as a little girl, pan handling on the side of the road.


Kid Roasts PewDiePie

YouTuber PewDiePie is a very well known YouTuber, with over 62 Million subscribers. I guess when you’re that big you can’t stop the hate from even your youngest fans.

Check out this kid unleash a profane rant against PewDiePie. Where the hell are this kid’s parents?


Fat Guy Light Saber Fight

What a better way to spend a summer day battling your friend, half naked, in the front lawn, with your light sabers. Check out these two Star Wars fanatics.

If you don’t watch the full video, fast forward to the end, which is arguably the best part.


Twitch Streamers Get Baited

Phenomenal EE & DC hosted the annual Smash The Record, which is a Smash Brothers and Speedrunning charity marathon. This event has raised over $150,000 since 2014.

Watch as they get baited into falling for the oldest trick in the book. Saying made up names that sound like body parts.

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