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Remember The Ice Bucket Challenge?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge brought awareness to the disease and also raised $155 million during the summer of 2014. The challenge itself, was to dump a bucket of ice cold water over your head, and to encourage donations to the ALS foundation for research. The challenge went viral and people still promoted it in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

But, this video is not about dumping ice on your head. This is a music video produced by YouTuber, Vennu Mallesh, about the Ice Bucket Challenge. This isn’t Vennu’s first music video. He saw success when he uploaded “It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do” 5 years ago (see below).

Check out more of Vennu Mellesh here.


Get Ready For Summer: Belly Flop Edition

The belly flop is best known for its comical and entertaining value. Perhaps the worse part about the belly flop, is when it is unintended. However, we think those are the best flops. Here is the best collection of belly flops we found, to get you ready for summer.

1. The Bridge Jump

2. The High Dive Backflip

3. The High Dive Front Flip

4. The Kiddie Pool

5. The Cliff Jump

6. The BIG Cliff Jump


The Steve Harvey Show Is Bizarre

“It’s a cookie Dusta!” says an older lady who wants to touch Steve’s Mustache. This super cut from the Steve Harvey show is full of bizarre moments from his show, that aired from 1996 to 2002. In recent years, Steve most notably became a meme after he mixed up the 2015 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

However, that hasn’t slowed him down. Steve continues to work on several projects in TV and Film. And, we dig it, especially after watching this super cut.

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