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Most Insane Dubstep Yet

This first video is the remix, by RIOT.

This gem, titled “Pins and Needles”, was originally posted by YouTuber, Sam Sandler. Sam laid down one of the most captivating and unusual a cappella dubstep beats (seriously I can’t get enough of this video), and then RIOT got a hold of video. They laid down some real magic to make this come to life.

Sam is still making videos and as of this post has over 57,000 follows on YouTube.
RIOT is also still making music with 82,400 subscribers on SoundCloud.

You can check out Sam’s channel here.
Listen to more of RIOT here.

Check out the original below.


Ultimate Slayer Fan

Okay. So we stumbled upon this semi-cut version of an interview with a Slayer fan. We’re not sure why these interviews are taking place, so if you happen to know, tell us.

Slayer, is of course one of the big popular metal bands from decades past, and I guess you can argue that they are still relevant today.

Check out the re-mixed version below. We love when the internet does this.


Dog Vs Alien

Maymo the dog maybe on one of the most “pranked” dogs by their owners. Check out this video where Maymo seems to be unfazed by the giant green alien that appears out of no where. If anything, watching the alien is still somewhat humorous.


Dog Plays Bad Game Of Hide And Seek

Is playing hide and seek with your dog the best play activity ever? It probably is, at least that is our opinion. Behavioral experts say that is it great exercise for the dog and their brain. Dogs love to play and it can be a great bonding tool between you and your furry best friend.

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